Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Fantasy Gay Pride ~ Day 6

Ladies and Gentlemen, please direct your attention to the center ring where the amazing Mirah McGuire is DJing  under the Big Top!

It's all about fun today! Come to the Fantasy Gay Pride Star Circus and dance from 5-7 pm SLT. There will be usual mischief, mayhem, nonsense and shenanigans we've come to expect at one of Mirah's dances. A Mirah set is always an upbeat, fun filled and musically rich experience.

Costume Contest: "Best under the big top"
No costume? No problem! Come anyway and have a good time!

From the main sim, take the tp to the Circus.

After the party, be sure to visit the rest of the sim. Lots to see and do. FREE goodies for all. Sim-wide HUNT
Sim is M. Dress is casual

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