Friday, November 18, 2016

Weekend of November 18 in Second Life

A few of the gacha and shopping events you might enjoy this week... All are worth a visit!  

Enchantment Nov 12-30
Theme: Hansel and Gretel
Whether you consider Hansel and Gretel to be cute little children in the European woods or space travelers who run into the big bad alien, there's something to fit your vision at Enchantment. There's also an off-site hunt with nice prizes. Pick up a hunt hud and information @  the gingerbread house in the center of the Enchantment sim.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov 7-Dec 7
This one is the one that all the other gacha events emulate and rumor has it that this round may be the last one, so be sure to visit. Lots of gachas of all sorts for fantasy lovers, Goreans and belly dancers.

Witches Wear Prada Nov 13-27
If you like a challenge while shopping, try WWP.
Each shop is on a floating island and you must fly a broom, dragon, flying carpet or tp hud [L$1 @ the event] to go from shop to shop. The challenging part is getting from one shop to the other with a huge invisiprim box in the middle of the build, but they had to protect the fairy tale castle some way, I suppose. The goods aren't fantasy, but I am very pleased with my dragon.

Whimsical Nov 18 - Dec 3
Theme: Fall into Winter
With everything from clothing to home furnishings, including some gachas, some sales and lots of whimsy, this round will get you into the mood for the winter holidays.
Wander around the wonderful autumn decorated sim and say hello to the scarecrow if you see him. He's very friendly and posed perfectly for the picture at the top of the page ...

Top Picture ~ I'm wearing a SE skin from Plastik, Kasja FEMME . It's available this weekend at an unbelievable price! I love Plastik skin anyway, so was thrilled about this one.
I'm also wearing hair from Damselfly - Unity, which was a SL15 gift at several events.

See my Dark BlogAznana's Aberrant Accouterments ~ for a detailed look at goodies from +Aii @ Enchantment & Whimsical

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