Monday, January 25, 2016

Retail Therapy for the Winter Blahs

Fantasy Collective (January 22 - February 10)
 I was kind of disappointed in this round. It seemed that a lot of the usual designers were absent and there wasn't a lot of clothing available, though there were lots of gachas for other things, as well as items for sale.

Hair (+Yuran+ hair hud 1) from +Aii+ It will be available to the public soon
Outfit ~ Una Mirae available @ the Fantasy Cooperative
Snowflake Staff ~ Una Snow Cane available @ the Una store
Skin ~ WoW Skins Katty Golden Celtic
Tattoo ~ Dita Couture Left Hand
Fantasy Collective ~

Wayward Winter (January 18-31) This event offers shopping and gachas with a slightly winterish feel, though most of the items could be used year round. The sim itself is a lovely alpine village with large cabins for sellers  and cute little open sided stalls for gachas.

Hair ~ MINA- Natasja ski cap
Skin ~ WoW Skins - Donna Sunkissed
Ears ~ Europa Sylven Ears
Sweater ~ {amiable}Over-sized Knit Cardigan- gacha available @ Wayward Winter event
Jeans ~  Lash Wear Tribal Denim Blue
Boots ~ Chic & Shoes Winter Boots
Wayward Winter ~

Coming Soon: Gacha Garden (opens February 1)

This event isn't open yet, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the offerings from +Aii+.
When you're feeling sorry for yourself because you have a winter cold, just remember, you could have eyes growing from your chest and back, noxious vapors rising from your hands and strange bruising all over your body... evil grin!

All accessories and extra touches are from +Aii+ and the photos were taken at the new Devil's Tail store.

Hair ~ +Yuran+ hair hud1
Extra eyes, bruises, strange vapors, wrapped beads, etc. ~ Blight infection and talismans will be available @ the Gacha Garden
Kimono ~ Akai Korusetto
Geta ~ Death Geta for Slink high feet
+Aii+ new location ~


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