Tuesday, December 29, 2015

100 Ways to Creep You Out

I'd like to look inside Princess Aii's head sometime. Her mind must be a fascinating place!

Centipedes can be considered the penultimate nightmare or a marvel of engineering. There are estimated to be over 8000 types of centipedes worldwide with 3000 of them being uniquely identified. Depending on the species, a centipede can have as few as 15 pairs of legs, or as many as 171 pairs. Regardless of the species, centipedes always have an odd number of leg pairs, so they never have exactly 100 legs. All centipedes are predators and are unique in having poison in their leg tips.

The latest from +Aii+ is just about guaranteed to give you nightmares. The animated mesh tail and additional horns, claws, legs and pinchers are very well done. It comes with a hud that allows 11 main colors, 11 accent colors, 12 colors for legs, 7 colors for pinchers and 9 tattoo colors + a tintable one . It comes with an AO for the legs and tail. You can wear your regular AO to animate your upper body. It comes with Omega appliers for the tattoos.

I did have a glitch when trying to use my system head with this avi. It didn't want to cooperate with the mesh and gave me that lovely buggy-eyed look we occasionally get when adding mesh to a non-mesh avi, so I do recommend using a mesh head.
In her release notes, Aii said this was the first, so expect more beautiful bug ugly avis to come.

Body/AO ~ Aii +The Centipede+ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Devils%20Tail/128/68/32
Hair ~ Emo-tions *Paradise*
Head/skin ~ Genesis Alice 2.0 Sad Cappuccino
Armor ~ LoveCats Azai
Photo ~ Taken in the Dark Prince's Caves @ Chiaroscuro http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Chiaroscuro/161/227/595
Poses ~ BelleBody Melisandre

Flickr- https://www.flickr.com/gp/130514533@N04/1ZZu60

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