Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Weekend of August 1

Okay, so a girl can't spend all her time shopping. Eventually, one has to wear all these goodies! Today's offering is a random look at some of the places I went and activities I took part in this first weekend in August...
1. Blue Moon Dance @ Farhaven. The nice folks at Farhaven have been holding theme dances with accompanying costume contests every Friday from 7-9 for the last seven years. They're an interesting mix of elves, fae and fantasy folk and do a lot for RFL year round.
2. Lughnasadh Dance @ Chiaroscuro. Chia is a GLBTS sim that provides a wonderful atmosphere for all who prefer fantasy surroundings. This sim is a registered charity and provides counseling and support as well as a community for people of all sexual orientations. There is a theme dance with costume contest almost every Saturday from 2-4 SLT.
3. Lughnasadh Rite @ Faery Crossing. Faery Crossing is newcomer friendly and has a wonderful tutorial and welcome area with trained assistants for those new to SL. They offer dances, classes, housing and community for those who like fantasy.
4. Dancing @ Hellgate. For those who prefer their fantasy a little darker and their music loud. Hellgate has recently been remodeled with a shopping area, housing and game/activity center as well as the club.

The credits-
1. Gown- White Armory Masterpiece Monet ~ Hair Alice Project Melissa II with Aii Blue Rosette Hair Ribbons ~ Jewelry- Aii Gothic Cross Collar Silver
2. Hair- Emo-tions LILOE ~ Silks Anglewing Gold Sin ~ Photo by Zabulon Enoch
3. Hair- CIC Cadance ~ Gown- Camilla's Marfa ~ Wheat wreath- Caverna Obscura Demeter ~ Skin- Plastik Astrali Wood Elf  ~ Photo by Zabulon Enoch
4. Hair- Aii Forest Witch ~ Jewelry Aii Gothic Cross Collar Silver ~ Gown- White Armory Storybook Legend- Hallows ~ Horns- Toxic Maleficent

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